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A Program by Love One Inc

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a lot like a coach.   Someone cheering you on, sharing life experience, and holding you accountable.  EVERYONE can benefit from mentorship!  But it can be particularly helpful for those who do not have a strong social network of support. 



How our mentorship program works:

The Around the Table Mentorship program is designed to create a relational safety net for youth ages 11-18.  Each group consists of two adult mentors who lead the group and between two and six mentees.  Once established, a mentoring group will meet twice per month for twelve months.  

Our mentors are adults who are heavily screened.  Once our mentors are thoroughly vetted, two mentors are paired to lead a group of 2-6 mentees.  This forms the mentoring group.  Where the mentoring group meets is at the discretion of the group leaders.  However, it must always be a public place such as a restaurant, park, or library.   In other words, places where we can meet "around a table".  This is to encourage transparency, honest conversations, and personal growth.  When the group meets at a restaurant, the food will be provided at no cost to the mentees.

How do i sign up?

To enroll in the mentorship program, perspective mentees or their guardians must fill out an application.  After this application has been reviewed, an interview is set up with the mentee and guardian to determine if Around the Table is a good fit for the mentee and our mentoring groups.

To download an application, click the button below:

After you have filled out the application you can send it by mail or email to the following addresses:

Love One Inc.

200 North Ave,

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


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