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The Full Story

Why Focus On Relationships?

You might be wondering, what relationships have to do with preventing human trafficking?

Our Why:

At least 90% of domestic human trafficking cases in the US are a result of

a manipulated or exploited relationship. 

We want to protect the youth and adults in our communities by helping them understand what healthy relationships look like while also building up their value as a person.  We do this through after school programs, mentorship, and hospitality.


Our focus is on teaching, modeling, and growing healthy relationships.  This not only helps prevent human trafficking, it also helps those caught in it self-identify so they can get the help they need.

What We See:

The beautiful thing about prevention is that we are not only working to prevent people from becoming victims, but also preventing people from becoming perpetrators.  When we understand who we are and the value that we have, we can also see the value that others have.   

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