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Who We Are:

Love One is a counter human trafficking 501c3 based in Cochise County.  It is our mission to pursue, affirm, and protect vulnerable youth and adults by building authentic relationships in our communities.   We do this by focusing on teaching, modeling, and growing healthy relationships.  We want to ensure that the people in our communities understand what healthy relationships look like. We want them to be able  to recognize when something doesn’t seem right and be able to tell someone about it. One of the ways  we do this is through after-school outreach program called Precious Ones that provides activities and snacks to youth while  providing a safe environment for the to hang out and develop authentic relationships.  We also provide mentorship to youth and adults around the US through our Around the Table and FIRE programs.  


Our Vision:

To see Cochise County and beyond become a place where human exploitation cannot exist because our communities no longer tolerate it and are actively seeking its end. 

Our Values:

We are an organization who believes everyone is created equal and deserving of love and respect.  It is our commitment to serve those who are from all walks of life and show love with no strings attached. 



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